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Best Dental Treatments at our Las Vegas Dental Office

At Elite Family Dental we specialize in a variety of dental services, including procedures and treatments from general, restorative, family, and cosmetics dentistry. Our main focus is to provide our patients with a happy and healthy smile. To schedule an appointment call (702) 898-8448 for our Rainbow location, (702) 432-6459 for our Maryland location, or make an appointment online.

Featured Services

Unlike other whitening systems, Zoom! Whitening is a simple and short procedure performed by…Read More
Aligners are made of clear, strong medical grade plastic that is virtually invisible when worn…Read More
Veneers are a thin shell of porcelain or resin that is bonded to the surface of the teeth…Read More
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Root canal treatment is the process of going inside the pulp space and removing the infected, dead tissue…Read More
Inlays and Onlays are lab-made restorations that are placed on teeth when the cavity or lost tooth…Read More
TMJ is the joint that connects the lower and upper jaw. The term TMJ stands for Temporo-mandibular…Read More
Though many advances have been made in the field of dentistry, loss of teeth is still an ongoing problem…Read More
Sealants are thin layers of resin that are placed on the pits, fissures, and grooves of molars to prevent…Read More
Periodontal screenings are dental tests administered for the early detection of periodontal disease…Read More